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Municipal Solar/ Hydrogen Hydronic Hybrid Systems


One of Australia’s largest community organisations in the western suburbs of Brisbane have decided to be ‘Better stewards of the planet’ by powering their facility using Solar/Hydrogen Hydronic Hybrid systems. A 350 kw solar array powers the building during the day while producing more than enough excess power to run a hydrogen electrolyser producing hydrogen gas. Enough gas is stored to run a 150 kw fuel cell that supplies power to the building during non-daylight hours or in the event of a solar ‘black out’ 

Sh3 Energy Featured Projects

Solar Panel Repair

Residential Solar/Hydrogen Hydronic Hybrid systems


In association with one of Australia’s most successful and forward thinking housing development companies, Sh3 Energy is engaged in the design and construction of an  energy independent community comprising 21 homes each with their own customisable smart monitoring systems to manage appliance and lighting control, energy usage and heating/cooling of the internal environment. The entire system is 100% carbon emission free and employs a unique combination of solar power, hydrogen storage, hydronic heating/cooling and energy distribution technology. Perhaps the most influential aspect of this project is a paradigm shift in regards to the effectiveness and commercial viability of power from Renewable Energy sources. 


Supplemental Hydrogen Systems


When Henry Ford launched The Ford motor company, a journalist asked him where he was going to get the fuel for all these mass produced cars. He replied, ‘Were not going to worry about that” 


We supply and fit hydrogen booster kits to trucks, saving fleet owners thousands on fuel costs. By adding hydrogen gas to the existing diesel engine air intake, truck owners can expect fuel savings of up to 30%, enhanced HP, a cleaner engine and less particulate emissions.


Engine Block Pressure Testing

Renewable Hydrogen Production and HRS Infrastructure (Hydrogen Refuelling Stations) 


 NZ has just begun an ambitious project to develop a Renewable Hydrogen infrastructure, addressing the need to reduce carbon emissions in the transport industry by making a transition from diesel powered trucks, busses and cars to FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) Sh3 Energy will be installing Power to Gas facilities and rolling out Hydrogen refuelling stations across Australia, leading the way for a similar transport revolution in this country.


Training and Education Programmes


We are partnered with Australia’s only hydrogen equipment training company and play an integral role in literally writing the book for hydrogen regulations in this country. Our Sh3 Energy keynote presentations and seminars help those who want to get on board the hydrogen train (forgive the pun, they do exist) to better understand the exciting opportunities available in this new hydrogen economy. 

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