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With our partner TSS, Sh3 Energy has launched in Australia.

Offering a system that radically improves the performance of Internal combustion engines (ICE) 

Introducing The Most Highly

Developed  "Hydrogen-On-Demand" 

Technology Available Today

Supplemental Hydrogen Hybrid 

Sh3 Energy combines the efficiency of diesel with the cleanliness of hydrogen with an on-board, on-demand, hydrogen enhanced combustion technology which increases engine efficiency, cleans up existing diesel engines, and reduces air pollution.

Save now with Sh3




40-95% reduced emissions 


Traditional combustion engines are only about 25% efficient. That means

the rest of your fuel goes right out the tailpipe.

We complete the burn up to 95%, which reduces the amount of unused fuel running through the emission systems. That saves E.G.R.s, D.P.F.s, D.E.F., and so much more. Improved engine performance, reduced emissions, increased oil life and cleaner DPF all add up to less maintenance cost and

fewer breakdowns.

Guaranteed fuel savings up to 55%


Third Party Data verification shows an average of 27% fuel savings on Heavy-Duty Trucks. We also have data on motor vehicles proving up to 55% fuel savings from multiple sources around the world.

Smart monitoring system


Sh3 Energy utilises several different fuel consumption, monitoring, and GPS solutions, which track your engine's mechanical system and components, whilst reporting performance and maintenance issues with 97-99% accuracy. This data is then verified by the driver’s fill and check. Sh3 Energy utilises various highly accurate Third Party fuel & engine monitoring companies to data log almost every aspect of the vehicles we install our Catalyst Technology.



                  Getting started...

    easy as 1. 2. 3.

Engine profile form

  • Tell us what type and size engine you are running 

  • Average distance driven 

  • Type of driving eg. long haul, round town

  • Estimated fuel economy (if known)

  • Link to engine profile page

Engine performance monitoring system 

  • We connect proprietary monitoring software

  • Receive updates on engine performance (including fuel usage)

  • See real time emissions ie NOx CO2 etc

  • Baseline engine performance profile

Supplemental Hydrogen addition 

  • Find a suitable place for the Components box

  • Allow 3-6 hours for connection of hardware 

  • Comprehensive training for both hardware and software systems 

  • See, check and track your engines performance under Hydrogen Assist 

Backed by our 100% manufacturers guarantee

Sh3 Energy is so confident, not only in our product, but in our money back guarantee.

We offer a non limited 2 year manufactures warranty, and a guarantee of a minimum 10% fuel saving on every install.

Getting Started
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